There are big moves happening in the world of Vertical Farming and company's are investing big. Plenty Unlimited Inc. which is a Vertical Farming company, said it has raised $140 million in new financing led by backers SoftBank Group Corp. together with new investor Driscoll’s Inc. This is just 1 of many new investments being made into the Vertical Farming industry showing that many people see big potential in this sector.
Partnerships like this one are important to help with getting Vertical Farming produce into grocery stores as with this case SoftBank’s Vision Fund helps provide better credibility for Plenty dealing with grocery store companies. For Driscoll’s Inc this partnership provides the opportunity to learn how robots can be better used for production of sustainable food which is another part of Vertical Farming that is set to expand rapidly in growth in the coming years.
In the near future the partnership of the 2 companies could allow the to sell vegetables year-round to many regions not easily accessible with the help of growing produce indoors and without issues from weather. With food demands constantly growing and climate change effecting outdoor crops more and more Investors who have been following these trends are starting to go big with investments as they see now is the time for action.