Vertical Farming In Northern Countries
As a Canadian, its a well known fact that in the north our main farming season is only 6 months long before our dark and dreary winters take over. But what if farmers could farm all year long 365 days a year in the north without the worry of crop production halting because of nature? In places like Guelph Ontario this is already a reality. 
 Indoor Farming company's like GoodLeaf can produce in 12 months of operation 

360,000-kilograms of pea shoots, mustard medley, Asian mix and arugula microgreens as well as baby kale and baby arugula. This is accomplished by growing within a facility where temperature/environment can be controlled and light can be provided by efficient LED grow lights. 


 Northern Vertical Farming like this is great locally for people and the environment as this type of farming allows for seed to grocery store product year round. With no need for the use of pesticides, herbicides or funguscides which is a big bonus. Water use is greatly reduced compared to farming outdoors as 95% of the water is recycled. Controlled and predictable farming is achieved by companies using these new technologies and techniques and in cold northern countries it could be a game changer in the produce farming industry.