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Free Shipping to over 60 countries

Optic LED Grow Lights Ships to over 60 countries for free. 


Checkout the Optic LED EU Store!



Optic LED Canada Store!

Sales: Phone# 250-880-5200 
Customer Service: Phone# 250-880-5200 





(If you are not located in 1 of the 60+ countries we ship to for free you will have to pay for your shipping cost at the time of checking out. )


World Wide Shipping Program

    Optic LED is headquartered in USA but has 2 other distribution centers in Canada and in Hong Kong for fast and easy shipments to all countries around the world. Optic LED will ship to any country however only 60+ countries have free shipping some some countries will have to pay their shipping costs. 


        Outside the USA & Canada your order may require you to pay a import tax to the shipping company based on the rate set by your home country. We ship all lights with a invoice that shows $99-$199 depending on the model, so you pay only a small import tax. Delivery is guaranteed and we manage each and every shipment to ensure it arrives in perfect condition and on time. Listed below we have more details on our shipping program for your country. 


#1 All orders must have a matching shipping address and billing address.

#2 The address the bank has on file for you is the address that must be used as your shipping address when you place your order. 


USA Customers: Orders ship within 1-2 business days from Seattle Washington. 

(Each product has its own shipping designation at the top of the listing.) 


FREE Shipping: UPS Ground 5 business days shipping time.

(California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada - free 3 day UPS shipping)

(States in SouthWest and MidWest typically 4 business day UPS shipping)


Expedited Shipping: USPS Priority airmail 2-3 business days

Optic 2 +$30.00         

Optic 4 +$50.00

Optic 6 +$70.00


Canada Customers: Orders ship within 1-3 business days from British Columbia Canada.

All Canada orders are shipped from Canada.

E-mail: (Jesse, Canada store manager)

Please see for more details

FREE Shipping: Canada Post 5 business day delivery (when in stock)


European Countries: Orders Ship within 1-2 business days

FREE Shipping: FEDEX International airmail 5 business days.

(You will be contacted by the shipping company to pay your import taxes before the shipment is delivered, most of the time you can pay them form an email or text message they send you, however you can always call the shipping company once the package is on the way and pay the import tax) 


VAT / Import tax - approx 30%

Optic 8+, Optic 4XL & Optic 6 - We provide $299.00 invoice - 

Estimated Import tax $90.00 usd

Optic 2 & 4 - We provide $199 invoice

Estimated Import tax $55.00 usd

Optic 1 & 1XL`s - We provide $99 invoice

(VAT is determined based on invoice amount and shipping cost)


Australia: Ships within 1-3 business days

FREE Shipping: DHL Express or 5-8 business day delivery.

We provide $99 to $299 invoice with each light


Japan: Ships within 1-2 business days

FREE Shipping: DHL Express or FEDEX 5 business day airmail

Import tax -  Approx $30.00 usd per light. ships with $99 to $299 invoice. 




Central America / South America / Mexico: Ships within 1-5 business days from USA

Shipping Costs must be paid at the time of Ordering

Least Expensive Shipping: USPS 6-10 business day delivery

Expedited Shipping: USPS International airmail 3 business days or Fedex


India: Ships within 1-5 business days

Shipping Costs must be paid at the time of Ordering. 

FREE Shipping: FEDEX International airmail 5 business days.


Import tax - 70%

Optic 8+, Optic 4XL & Optic 6 - We provide $299.00 invoice - 

Estimated Import tax $200.00 usd

Optic 1, 1XL, 2 & 4 - We provide $199 invoice

Estimated Import tax $120.00 usd


South Africa: Ships within 1-5 business days

Shipping Costs must be paid at the time of Ordering. 

Standard Shipping: DHL Express which takes 5 business days for delivery.

Import taxes - 

Optic 8+, Optic 4XL & Optic 6 - We provide $299.00 invoice - 

Estimated Import tax $90.00 usd

Optic 2 & 4 - We provide $199 invoice

Estimated Import tax $45.00 usd

Optic 1 & 1XL`s - We provide $99 invoice


Free Shipping applies to over 60 countries.

When you checkout online, if we provide free shipping to your country you will see a shipping option that says "Free International Shipping" if you don't see this, that means you will need to pay for your shipping costs. If you have questions about shipping to your country or about import taxes please let us know.



Damaged Light During Shipping

      Upon returning a light to Optic LED if the light is scratched up or lightly damaged we will assess up to an additional 20%. If the light is significantly damaged we reserve the right to ship you the light back and deny your return. 

      Currently damages to Optic LED Grow Lights shipments occur significantly less than 1% of the time. In the unfortunate event that damages do occur during shipping, the following procedure and timeline must be followed in order to ensure the expeditious delivery of a replacement system and a claim being filed with the damaging carrier.

  1. When customer receives their Optic LED Grow Light, the external packaging must be inspected for any rips, tears, punctures, abrasions, creases, or any marks that may indicate damage on the interior.
  2. Customer will then inspect contents alongside the delivering driver.
  3. Significant damages should be refused by customer and signed off on by driver.
  4. Damages not noticed and seen with driver present may still be claimed as concealed damages.
  5. A Optic LED representative MUST BE NOTIFIED OF THE DAMAGES (refused or concealed) WITHIN 48 HOURS IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY BEGIN A CLAIM WITH THE SHIPPING COMPANY. Customers exceeding this time frame may be penalized with a delay and/or forfeiture of a replacement, and or financial penalties.
  6. The assigned Optic LED representative will require pictures and a description of the damages.
  7. Once the required pictures and description are received, a pick-up of the damaged product, and the shipment of a replacement product, will be scheduled.
  8. Provided that all of the above requirements are met, Optic LED will make every effort to send a replacement system within 5-10 days. However, extenuating circumstances may prevent 100% adherence to this policy.  International Shipments: *If we ship your light to your country and you fail to communicate with the shipping company within 30 days to arrange receipt of your package, the Shipping company will destroy your package and you will not be refunded from Optic LED