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Optic LED Master Controller V2 - Touchscreen Dimmer Controls - Automated Sunrise and Sunset

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Touch Screen Controller

OpticLED Master Controller V2


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  The Optic LED Master Controller 

- 1%-100% Manual Dimmer Control 

- Automated Sunrise and Sunset 

- Built-in Timer 

- Dual Zone Controls (Run 2 independent Groups of lights)

- 3 Way Dimmer Controls (Optic LEDs with 1, 2 or 3 dimmers works)

- Run up to 20 Lights from 1 Touchscreen

 - 20 Foot RJ-11 Connector cord included

- Two 6 Foot RJ-11 Connector cords included




The Optic LED Master Controller is currently compatible with these Optic LEDs:

Full Cycle Growing:

Slim 720S

Slim 600H Gen2

Slim 650S

Slim 600S

Slim 500S

Slim 320S

Slim 320H VEG Gen2

Optic 8+ NextGen - With External Timer to turn on and off

Optic 4XL NextGen

Optic 6 Gen4

Optic 4 Gen4 

Optic 2 Gen4

Bloom Enhancer Array 

VEG Lights

Slim 320H VEG Gen2

Optic 300 VEG

Optic 150 VEG 

Optic 2 VEG Gen4

            Buttons & Features


    -  On the Main Screen here for the Master Controller is where you can manually adjust the dimmers. From this home screen, you will be adjusted up to 3 dimmers independently.


    - On the Bottom you will see the button that says "Timer Mode", that's the button you push to access the Sunrise and Sunset features as well as the Timer. 


    -  The Automated Sunrise and Sunset feature In the "Timer Mode," you will be able to set what time your light comes on and shuts off. This Mode will also allow you to set up your Sunrise and Sunset feature where you determine how long you want your sunrise and sunset to last and how fast you want the intensity to drop off. It is super easy to set up you just set the time and the intensity you want the light to be set at during that time between 1%-100%. 



 This is the "Timer Mode" where you program in your Sunrise and Sunset times. 


Example Shown: To the Right is where you edit the on and off times for each channel.


                The New Optic LED Master Controller is a game-changer for the Indoor Cultivation Industry and Home growers by delivering maximum efficiency and power usage by closely mimicking what mother nature does. The automated Sunrise and Sunset will save you up to 25% on your electricity costs and make your plants happier.